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You have to make the most out of what’s around you. You may be looking for your first job. You may be looking for a great job for the summer. Or, you may be trying to figure out how to get that raise you know you deserve. With our various job tips, you can land that first job of yours, learn how to be the ideal employee and earn more money than a bunch of your friends. Working in many teen jobs can be rewarding, but you need to know what to expect and how to get what you want. Follow our advice and you’ll be much happier in your job!

Getting a promotion with your part-time teen job

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When you have a part-time teen job, you likely don’t have any experience prior to being hired. Even if you did, it probably wasn’t a lot. As a result, you start off as a trainee and learn the details of the position. If you are interested in moving up into a better position that pays a little more, there are quite a few things that you can do to ensure this happens.

During the interview, let the employer know that you are planning to work for the company for the long haul. The reason that most teenagers don’t get promoted is because employers assume they are just around for the summer or on weekends. As you’re in teenage jobs 15, 16, 17 and older, you will be able to work more and more hours. If you plan on putting more hours with a company, you need to tell them that when you’re being hired.

You need to meet and exceed expectations at all times. The only people who get promoted are those who are striving to improve the company they work for. If you’re showing up late, are being rude to customers, asking for time off frequently, or are generally causing problems at work, you won’t get promoted. Instead, you have to focus on being the model employee.

It’s good to know what your employer expects from you in order to get to the next level. Simply ask from your employer that you want to know what that next level is. It could be a supervisor or it could be some other position. Talk to your boss to see what you will need to do and prove that you are ready to get to the higher position. Depending on your work ethic and your availability, you may be able to go into some form of apprenticeship program to learn a little more than what your standard position entails.

Just because you have teenager jobs doesn’t mean that you have to be okay with status quo. Whether you are working part time while you go to high school, college or even trade school, you can still get promoted within your job. As you get promoted, it will look better on your resume and you will be able to find better jobs as you move through life.

Even if you don’t plan on making your current temporary summer job your choice of career, you may still be able to get promoted. Think about how long you will be at this job. If the answer is at least six months or longer, it’s in your best interest to get promoted. Not only will it mean more responsibility and the ability to learn more skills, you may also be able to earn more, too!

As you get promoted, you can turn a temporary summer job into something more satisfying. You may be able to use that promotion to help snag an internship down the road, use it in conjunction with a trade school certificate for a better career or various other things.

Getting a promotion is going to be easier than you think if you have a clear goal in mind. Let your employer know that you are interested in being promoted and things will fall into place. They will do a lot of the training to help you get ready for the next role. You just need to focus on following your schedule, providing excellent customer service and assisting your coworkers however you can. When you prove that you are a valuable employee, you will be treated as a star employee!

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