Beware of scam teen jobs

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The eagerness to get a job as a teenager can lead to being taken advantage of. Unfortunately, there are some jobs out there running scams. If you’re new to the workforce, you could easily find yourself employed by one of these companies. Before you take a job with a company that you don’t know anything about, it’s good to do your due diligence to find out about them.

Plenty of small businesses are completely legitimate. In fact, statistics from the Small Business Administration show that 99.7% of all businesses are small businesses. Most of these companies are legitimate, which means you don’t typically have anything to worry about. If you try to limit yourself to the other 0.3% to protect yourself from scams, you may be limiting your options significantly. Simply be careful with the company by making sure a company won’t fall short on promises. However, there are some companies that will have you sell fake products, and fail on promises to pay you commissions.

One of the biggest work scams is where an employer is asking you for money before you start. Almost all of these will end badly. You shouldn’t have to pay your employer to work. In many cases, the company tells you the money is for a demonstration kit or other supplies. However, if you are selling products for a company, then they should supply you with whatever is necessary to make the sales.

Research the company that you are considering working for. With the big chains, you don’t have to worry about their reputation because they wouldn’t have been able to become as big as they are if they were taking advantage of their employees. However, when you are working for an individual or with a smaller firm, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. The last thing you want to do  is work hard and not get paid for it.

The Better Business Bureau can be very helpful. This is a consumer agency that has branches all over the country. There is one in your area and they can give you all the details you want to know about a particular company. Let the representative know that you are considering working for a particular company and see what information they have on that company. You can find out about the financial stability of the company as well as if any consumer complaints have been filed against them.

If you have the opportunity, talk to other employees of the company. This is one of the best ways to get insider information about the company and what you can expect as an employee. If other employees love what they do, chances are you will too. If some of their employees are complaining about not getting paid or being treated poorly, you have the chance to avoid the situation altogether.

Door to door and telephone sales can be a scam as well. The company may be selling a product, but you may not be earning the money you think you are. Make sure you are very clear as to how you are getting paid. In many states, commission based jobs will still require you to earn an hourly rate. Be sure there is some accountability to how you are proving you’ve made the sale and how the company is going to pay you.

Be sure to ask all the questions you have before accepting a position. You should know what you will be doing, how you will be getting paid, how often you will be getting paid and much more. If for any reason you are unclear about the position, find out more details first.

Remember that if a job sounds too good to be true, it probably is. By getting to know the ins and outs of the job, you can avoid workplace scams. Once you’re hired, enjoy your job but always be conscious about what’s going on around you. This will ensure that you are always catching problem scenarios before you have the chance to become a victim. Just because you’re a teen in the workplace doesn’t mean you have to fall for the scams – you just need to know what to look for.

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