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Making and saving money can seem like more of a burden than a realistic goal when you’re a teenager. Due to your young age and lack of experience (no worries - we have all been there), it is sometimes hard finding after-school jobs that fit your hours and range of expertise. If you’re concerned that your only option is babysitting the neighborhood kids or flipping burgers at the local fast food restaurant, you’re in luck. Every day, more job opportunities open up for teens who are looking to make some extra money, whether you want to save it for your post-graduation trip, help pay for college, or simply to have some spending money. Plus the benefits go beyond simply earning money – working a part-time job as a teen gets you work experience that will be required to have after you turn 18 and begin looking for more lucrative employment. Your first job can be fun and exciting, getting out into the world and taking control of your own destiny. Let that excitement guide you to a job that will make you happy to come to work every day.

Work Permit Information

If you’re under 18, you will be required to obtain a work permit. The registration process and particulars may vary from state to state, but in general, the rules are the same. For most states, the legal age for working is 14 or 15. The only exception to this is if you work in the entertainment industry, and then there is no age limit and you will not be required to get a work permit. You will also have a limit as to how many hours you can work each day and week.

Types of Jobs for Teens

While fast food and babysitting are valid options for employment as a teen; they are not your only choices. Through your search, you will find a wide variety of jobs for teens that require little to no work experience. In order to find a job you will enjoy, try to look in industries that you are familiar with, enjoy, or follow your career path. For example, if you know you want to be a veterinarian someday, you can inquire about vet assistant jobs at local veterinarian offices, or get a part-time job at the local animal shelter.

The following is a list of jobs often available for teens where you can earn a reasonable salary and benefit from the work experience:

Movie Theater Employee: If you enjoy watching movies or want to get into the entertainment industry as a filmmaker, this is a great choice.

Tutoring: Teens adept at different subjects can earn income tutoring younger children as well as peers that need help with their homework and school projects.

Retail: Working in retail can get your foot in the door if you enjoy the products you’re selling as you will not only receive a paycheck and discount, but can soon move up to management with more experience.

Interest-Specific jobs: Part-time jobs are often available that follow your interests or goals. If you like being outdoors, you can get a job working at a local amusement park or public swimming pool as a lifeguard.

Internships: While not all intern jobs pay a salary, the experience you receive in an industry similar to the one you plan to pursue as a career is priceless. Your internship can very easily turn into a part-time job or full-time job after graduating high school or college.

Your Own Boss: You can also start your own business. Whether it is online or offline, you can find something that can take off and create your own business. Cut grass, manage a website that resells items, dog walk, house sit, or any other item you can think of. Take this time to create something you'll be proud of and turn it into your first employment opportunity.

Go to a Trade School: While not a first job, going to a trade school can give you skills to find a better paying job. Also, many trade schools will let you work while attending, or have some sort of apprenticeship program. Find one that is right for you and the future is yours.

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