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There are a lot of student jobs out there. Some are more popular than others, which means when you’re looking to become employed, there are a few industries that you should look at to be hired in before a few of the others out there. Depending on your age, your availability and your skills, you may be surprised at some of the after-school jobs and weekend jobs that you can land while you’re still going to school.

Some of the most popular student jobs are in food service. The reason for this is because regardless of where you are located, there are lots of restaurants around. In general, restaurants tend to employ a lot of people, too, due to them being open seven days a week and for various meal periods throughout the day.

When you’re looking for work part time, you can likely go into a country club, a full service restaurant or even a fast food restaurant and get an application. Depending on your preference, you may want to work in what’s known as “front of house” where you are working with the customers or “back of house” where you are working in the kitchen with all of the food preparations.

There are a lot of great careers that can come out of working in the food and beverage industry. You may take a back of house position and realize that you want to be a chef. You may table a front of house position and realize you want to go to school for hospitality management. As a result, your job after school could lead to an internship or possibly even a career.

Other popular temporary summer jobs are in tourist-based industries. You may want to work as a summer camp counselor, a lifeguard or even at a theme park doing a wide variety of jobs. All of these are popular because they are only for the summer. If you’re not looking to work on the weekends or after-school, this may be the perfect way to pass the summer and save up all the money you need to last you through the school year.

Trade school jobs have become more popular recently because students are learning they can earn more money. Depending on your high school, you may even be able to attend trade school and have them pay for it. If this is an option, you should look into getting a technical certificate in a subject that you are interested in. This can be in the medical field, auto mechanics, cosmetology and much more.

When you look into trade school jobs, you will likely be considered faster for them because you have the certificate to show you know what you’re doing. You may be able to work the jobs after school, on the weekend or over the summer. It could turn into a career or at the very least, an internship to help you land a better job down the road.

Ultimately, you have lots of options when searching for teen jobs. The most popular jobs are ones that pay well and will work with your schedule. You don’t want to sacrifice good grades to pick up some extra money, but you also don’t want to be unhappy in your position, either. Use the “Job Search” to find the best teenager jobs are in your that are suitable for you.

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