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Where to Look for Summer Jobs

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Instead of spending all of your time hanging out with your friends this summer, you can use the time to work and save money for new clothes, your first car or for your day-to-day expenses when you go to college. It can take some time to find summer jobs, so that's why you should start before your summer vacation starts. Rather than spending your and your parent's time looking for help wanted signs or applying at stores in the mall, go online to begin your search for teen jobs. Most companies post their job openings on job boards that include a link to an online application. Even if it is delivering pizzas or working at a concession stand, the best place to find information about job openings is to look on the Internet. There are many websites and job boards that you can search, including one specifically geared to teenagers on The job board, which can be found here, lists part-time and temporary jobs that you may be interested in for summer employment. When you search a job board, you will usually be asked to put in information about the city where you live and you may be asked how wide a radius you are willing to travel in order to go to work. This will help you target a specific area in which to look for a job. If you wish to look for a job close to your house, put in your house's zip code and select a low number for the radius. This will help you narrow down the area in which job postings will appear. The job board on also will list internships, apprenticeships and jobs for new high school graduates. If you are interested in learning more about a career before you start college, you can explore the internships and work one during the summer before school starts. However, if you would rather have on the job training instead of attending school, than an apprenticeship may hold more interest for you. If you are persistent and search for job openings every day, you will come across jobs for kids in which you may have an interest. Don't get discouraged if you don't find a job right away. New openings are added to job boards every day, so it is important to keep looking until you find a place where you would like to work.
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