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Why consider teenage internship?

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Teenagers have a wide array of options during the school year as well as during the summer. Internships should be considered because it can help provide a hands-on learning experience in a wide array of fields. Not only will it help with a career down the road but it may also help with getting into college as well as provide some spending money in the now.

 There are two types of internships. The paid internships are by far harder to get because there are more people applying for them. Knowing about them ahead of time and writing a great résumé will help to get the internship. The other type of internship is unpaid or volunteer, which are generally easier to find and get hired for.

Teens should consider an internship as a valuable way to see the world. There are many international programs that offer high school students an internship somewhere else in the world. These can work a lot like travel abroad programs. A student will stay with a host family, but instead of going to school, he or she will work with a company that is going to teach them about a particular industry. Some of the most popular internships internationally include travel and tourism, hospitality, foreign languages and finance.

There are also plenty of domestic internships. The paid ones are often a great way to make some money during the summer or during the school year. In many cases, the companies that offer the paid internships are paying fairly well. Students can earn a good amount of money while picking up valuable information in topics such as engineering, computer science, marketing, business administration, public health and more.

Many companies that offer internships are likely to offer a job to those who complete the internship successfully. Especially companies in technology, accounting and finance, the easiest way to get into the top companies is to take an internship with them first. They like to promote within, so teens can prove themselves as interns and then turn around to apply for a full-time position.

Even the volunteer internships can be very beneficial. Many colleges want to see extracurricular activities and an internship certainly qualifies. Students who take the time to go through an internship are going to learn more responsibility and time management. This form of discipline is very desirable amongst college students, so colleges who see this are more likely to offer not only admission but scholarships as well.

Many teens are still unsure about a career path. The great part about an internship versus a job is a more in-depth look into the industry. Whether it’s taking an internship at a law office, government agency, veterinary office or even mechanic’s office, it’s a great way to see what the industry is all about and what kind of things one can expect with a career in such an industry.

A lot of skills can be learned with an internship. Regardless of whether it’s paid or taken domestically versus internationally, internships will teach independence, time management and other valuable skills. Just because an internship isn’t available in the career path that one wants to be in doesn’t mean that it’s any less advantageous. An internship of any kind can be a great thing to add to a college application or a work resume.

Internships for teens often go quickly – especially the paid ones. It’s in any teen’s best interest to have a list of internships that are of interest for the summer or the school year and start making applications to them sooner than later. This will give any teen the best chance of getting the desired internship.

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